How ConvertKit Can Actually Be Cheaper Than MailChimp and Aweber

Pretty often I hear people saying that they’re sold on the features and functionality of ConvertKit, but it’s more expensive than the tool they’re using right now (usually MailChimp or Aweber).

It’s true—depending on your audience size ConvertKit can be more expensive than other tools. Plug in different numbers on each companies pricing page and you’ll get different results.

For up to 25,000 subscribers:

  • ConvertKit is $199/month
  • MailChimp is $150/month
  • Aweber is $149/month

So for only 25% more you can get all the power of ConvertKit and use it to not only save time but use the automations to make even more money.


Subscriber count

But actually, even though ConvertKit is more expensive at face value, many people actually save money when they make the switch. Here’s how: MailChimp and Aweber charge you for duplicate subscribers.

And if you do anything remotely sophisticated you’ll have a lot of duplicate subscribers.

To make it worse Aweber charges you for people who have unsubscribed as well.

Another scenario

Let’s say out of those 25,000 subscribers you have a few lists:

  • Newsletter (25,000)
  • Customers (3,000)
  • Product Interest List (8,000)
  • Unsubscribed (8,000)

Even though there are only 25,000 unique subscribers, your billed subscriber count will look like this:

  • MailChimp: 36,000
  • Aweber : 44,000 (Aweber charges for people who unsubscribed)
  • ConvertKit: 25,000

So the prices would be:

  • MailChimp: $240/month
  • Aweber: $344/month
  • ConvertKit: $199/month

For AWeber I actually had to contact support in order to get the pricing since they don’t provide it publicly for over 25,000 subscribers.

So you can see that after applying more realistic numbers ConvertKit is actually quite a bit cheaper. And you get the wonderful benefits of using tags instead of multiple lists which means you don’t ever have to worry about duplicate subscribers.

If you would like to see more of the features that Convertkit offers check out this post.

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